Certificate / Declarations GOST R

The GOST R certification system was created by the Resolution of the Gosstandart of Russia dated March 17, 1998 N 11 “On Approval of the Regulations on the GOST R Certification System”.

The GOST R system is designed to organize and conduct work on the mandatory certification of products, works and services.

In the GOST R System, voluntary certification can also be carried out according to the same rules and procedures.

In the GOST R System, work is underway to register declarations of conformity accepted by manufacturers (sellers, performers)

An applicant can be a Russian or foreign company, an individual entrepreneur who has applied for certification.

Government Decree of 01.12.2009 N 982 approved:

a single list of products subject to mandatory certification;

a single list of products whose conformity assessment is carried out in the form of the adoption of a declaration of conformity.

The lists of products subject to mandatory certification / declaration in the GOST R System may vary depending on the entry into force of certain technical regulations of the Union.

Products that have passed confirmation of conformity in the GOST R System shall be marked with a conformity mark:

Voluntary certification in the GOST R system in the context of market relations may be one of the factors for a manufacturer’s success on the Russian market. The certificate of GOST R and the declaration of compliance with GOST R can be issued

per batch: issued for one delivery only;
per series: allows you to import the specified product to Russia during the specified period, regardless of the number of deliveries and volume. Validity 1-3 years.
on a single product.
Documents for certification / declaration system GOST R:

application form;
a copy of the regulatory document on which products are manufactured (standard, regulations, specifications, etc)
contract (supply contract) (for a party, a single product) or invoice (for a party, a single product);
ISO 9001 certificate (if available);
test reports (if available);
Other documents confirming the compliance of products with the stated requirements (if any).