Certificate / Declaration TR CU

Since 2010, when the Customs Union was formed, it was decided to gradually move away from national standards and move towards the adoption of union documents. So began to act certificate TR CU. Consider it in more detail.

A technical regulation (shortly, TR) is a legal act in force in Russia. It establishes the requirements that apply to buildings and structures, the processes of production and storage, recycling, maintenance and transportation. The document, which confirms the compliance of products with all established requirements for TR, is a certificate of TR CU. Before the advent of technical regulations on the territory of Russia, the GOST R system acted primarily. The corresponding certificates were mandatory and were issued according to this model. However, they were replaced by technical regulations – more advanced and aligned with international standards acts.

Thus, the certificate TS CU is a permissive document confirming the compliance of products with all the necessary requirements for technical regulations. This applies to specific types of goods in respect of which TR is adopted. The main law regulating this activity is the Federal Law “On Technical Regulation”. The TP system involves a specific list of products that are subject to a mandatory certification procedure. If the product is subject to the Technical Regulations, it is marked as TP in the list. Consider the main groups of goods in respect of which a certificate of TR CU is necessary. These include the following categories: Gas powered equipment. Low voltage Technical devices for operation in explosive areas. Buildings, structures and facilities. Lifts Pyrotechnic products. Tobacco products. Personal protective equipment. Food, juices, milk and more. As practice shows, to receive a certificate of technical regulation means to show a high level of quality and safety of your products for consumers. The document has the right to receive the seller or the manufacturer. A registration is done by a certification body or an appropriate center. They issue documents on the basis of tests passed in special laboratories equipped with all the equipment, where specialists of the required qualifications work. And some, and other organizations should receive state accreditation. And in order to issue documents for the Customs Union, they must be entered in the register of certification bodies of the vehicle.

Registration of certificates of TR of the HARDWARE

To obtain a certificate of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union, the following steps are taken: An application is submitted from the manufacturer or seller of products.

The entire requested package of documents is being prepared and submitted.

The application is reviewed by the certification body.

For testing and research in special laboratories pass the appropriate samples.

In some cases, the production process is analyzed.

According to the test results, a protocol is drawn up.

This document is fundamental when deciding on the provision of a certificate.

The issue of issuing the document.

Product labeling is carried out.

The applicant implements this step independently.