FSC certificate

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international organization that has established a system for confirming the environmental and social responsibility of forest management. The FSC mark on wood or on a product made from it is an indication that the products come from a forest in which ecologically and socially responsible forestry is maintained.

The FSC certificate is issued by an independent auditor on the basis of a rigorous annual inspection at the logging site. It is a recognized mark for the quality of wood and paper products in 109 countries. In total, more than 190 million hectares of forests in the world are certified and over 30 thousand FSC certificates for supply chains of paper and paper products have been issued.

In developed countries, so-called environmentally sensitive markets have emerged. This means that there is increasing demand for goods produced without harming nature. In Europe and North America, before purchasing wood or goods from it, the buyer searches for the FSC mark on it.

The demand for certified wood convinced many Russian export companies to undergo FSC certification. To date, more than 40 million hectares of forest have been certified in Russia. Recently, the state and environmentally and socially responsible business have shown interest in using green products.

the legality of the origin of wood and the absence of rare species in the assortment of wood;
health safety;
environmental policy of the company.