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“ZORD” is a group of companies that includes various certification bodies accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology and is able to provide you with comprehensive certification services.

Do you need a certificate of conformity of products GOST R, a declaration of conformity or other similar document? Contact the “CORD”. We cooperate with leading certification bodies and testing laboratories, so we can issue you a certificate of conformity in a very short time. Obtaining a certificate of compliance with us takes only a few hours,

We work not only throughout Russia, but throughout the territory of the Customs Union. Our team works harmoniously and professionally. Representatives of the company in Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan will help you resolve issues locally.

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The procedure for obtaining a certificate of conformity of the Russian Federation
Filing an application

You can apply for certification in the GOST R system by filling out the online form. To order a document, you should leave contact information, indicate the HS code or OKP and brief information about the products for which the GOST R certificate of conformity is issued.

Examination of the application by an accredited organization

Together with the application for certification in the GOST R system, the customer provides all the available documents for the products: copies of previously issued certificates, regulatory and technical documentation, sanitary and hygienic conclusions, etc. Our experts will consider your application and determine the certification scheme.

Sampling, identification and testing of product samples

If the scheme by which a certificate of conformity for products is issued requires laboratory tests, our experts will collect samples for examination. After its completion, the accredited laboratory will issue a test report, indicating the results of the audit in accordance with GOST.

Checking the status of production

The analysis is carried out in order to establish the parameters ensuring compliance of the products with the requirements of GOST R. The verification results are used to determine the validity period of the certificate in Russia, confirm the frequency of inspection control, and draw up corrective measures.

Analysis of the results

Based on the data obtained as a result of verification of documentation and laboratory tests, experts establish compliance of products with the requirements of the standards of the Russian Federation and decide on the issuance of a certificate.

Issue of a document

After making a positive decision, the specialists of our company will issue a certificate of conformity to GOST R and after registration in the State Register of Certification of the Russian Federation they will issue a document to the applicant.
You can obtain additional information on obtaining a certificate of conformity in Russia by calling the phone numbers listed in the “Contact Us” section.